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Community Wildfire Safety Program

Given the continued and growing threat of extreme weather and wildfire, as seen in 2017 and 2018, we are evolving and expanding our Community Wildfire Safety Program as an additional precautionary measure to further reduce wildfire risks and help keep our customers and the communities we serve safe.

Wildfire Prevention and Safety Efforts

Following the 2017 wildfires, PG&E took action with a comprehensive, system-wide Community Wildfire Safety Program that involves:

         New and Enhanced Safety Measures

        System Hardening and Resiliency

Why PG&E is Taking Action with the Community Wildfire Safety Program

Following a record wildfire season in 2017, we have seen more devastating and deadly wildfires driven by rapidly changing climate conditions.

Fire season is now extended due to prolonged periods of high temperatures, extreme dryness, tinder-dry grass, and record-high winds increasing the number of wildfires and making them more dangerous.

Our operational approach and focus must evolve with the continued and growing threat posed by extreme weather conditions. We are continuing to ramp up the work that we began prior to the start of the 2018 wildfire season.

Our wildfire safety efforts will continue to evolve and change as we learn more.

Working Together with Our Customers

We want to work together to share information and help our customers and communities prepare for and stay safe during extreme weather events.

Together, we can all take steps to prepare our homes, businesses and families to stay emergency-ready and safe during wildfire season.