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Sonoma County Reconstruction

If you are looking to rebuild in a fire-impacted area in Sonoma County, temporary or permanent power is now available for customers and contractors in all subdivisions.  We have plans to have our infrastructure fully rebuilt before the end of the year.

Please check back on this page as we will provide frequent updates on our progress and next steps.

Coffey Park

Much of the Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa was destroyed, along with the underground electrical equipment, during the Tubbs Fire.  Coffey Park currently has temporary overhead power lines so customers can have electricity to begin the rebuilding process. Gas is also now available.

PG&E crews began building new underground electric and gas utilities on Monday, April 2, replacing approximately 13 miles of underground electric cable and other underground electrical equipment, as well as placing approximately 15 miles of new underground natural gas lines by the end of the year.  

Coffey Park is divided into five sections, or zones, shown on the map below.  PG&E crews will move from zone to zone until complete. Customers may also see equipment moving to and from the staging area located on Coffey and Dennis lanes, along with flaggers directing the heavy loads. All personnel will either have a PG&E badge or a PG&E contractor sign on their vehicle. Contract crews are from the following companies: NorCal, Pinnacle Power, BTI and Arrow Construction.

*All construction schedules are subject to change

Coffey Park Rebuild

Since PG&E installed temporary overhead electric service in Coffey Park, PG&E will be able to connect electric service for customers in the interim while working to complete this work on the permanent underground infrastructure.

Once homeowners have an approved inspection permit from the city, we will install an electric service line to their home, as well as a new SmartMeter®, and customers can receive electric service.  

Process for Receiving Electricity & Gas

For customers who are ready for gas service, PG&E will connect a new gas service line from the house to either the existing gas lines or the new gas lines. Visit for more information.