First Responders and PG&E

Video: Hear how PG&E and the Fresno Fire Department work together to keep our communities safe.

Hear from a PG&E Arborist

Video: Hear from PG&E arborist April Kennedy on the work that PG&E undertakes as part of its vegetation management program.

Additional Media

Wildfire Safety

PG&E is taking action and announcing a Community Wildfire Safety Program that will bolster our wildfire prevention and emergency response measures.

PG&E Starts to Replace Underground Electric and Gas Lines in Coffey Park

As part of its Respond, Rebuild, Resilience commitment to meeting the challenges of extreme weather resulting from climate change, PG&E has announced the launch of the next phase of the energy company’s support for its customers

Still Here to Help

At PG&E our first commitment is to our customers who have been impacted by these extraordinary wildfires.

Our New Normal

To be successful in this new normal, we must continue to work together.

There is No Green Energy Without a Green Grid

A green energy future is within our reach. Let’s work together to get there.

What Will it Take to Withstand Climate Change?

Fighting back against climate change is no small task. But with 23,000 employees and 100 years of energy experience, PG&E is ready to help build a brighter future for California.

Here to Help

We will be with our customers every step of the way towards rebuilding the communities that we are privileged to serve.

Keeping Our Eyes On the Forest and the Trees

At PG&E, we are working every day to protect the safety of our power lines.

When 129 Million Trees Fall In the Forest Everyone Will Hear It

Years of historic drought and bark beetle infestation have caused the number of dead and dying trees in California to reach catastrophic levels.

PG&E Will Work as Long as It Takes to Help Restore Our Communities

As we begin the extensive rebuilding process after the extraordinary Northern California fires, we understand that now, more than ever, we must be there for our friends, neighbors and employees who call Northern California home.

The Road to Recovery

Our message to the community and our customers is a simple one: no matter how long it takes, we will be there with you.

Thank You First Responders

We are deeply grateful to these firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, police officers, National Guard troops, paramedics and other first responders. Their courage and sacrifice are remarkable.