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Community Wildfire Safety Program

To help meet the climate-driven challenge of increasing wildfires and extreme weather events, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is taking action with a comprehensive Community Wildfire Safety Program. PG&E is working in close coordination with customers, civic and community leaders, and first responders on efforts that will have an immediate impact on reducing wildfire threats and improving safety.

Years of drought, extreme heat and 129 million dead trees have created a “new normal” for California. In the interest of public safety, and following the wildfires in 2017, PG&E is implementing additional precautionary measures intended to reduce the risk of wildfires. This new normal means we must do more in partnership to strengthen the safety and resilience of the state’s energy infrastructure.

PG&E’s multi-faceted Community Wildfire Safety Program focuses on three key areas: bolstering wildfire prevention and emergency response efforts, putting in place new and enhanced safety measures, and doing more over the long term to harden the electric system to help reduce wildfire threats and to keep customers safe.

Wildfire Prevention and Emergency Response Efforts

PG&E is bolstering wildfire prevention and emergency response efforts.

New and Enhanced Safety Measures

PG&E is working with our communities to put in place new and enhanced safety measures to help reduce wildfire risks and keep customers safe.

Harden our Electric System and Integrate New Technologies

For the longer term, PG&E is doing more to harden our electric system and integrate new technologies to make a stronger and more resilient grid for the communities it serves.

Why PG&E is Taking Action with the Community Wildfire Safety Program

Extreme weather is increasing the number of large wildfires and the length of the wildfire season in California. In 2017 alone, California confronted more wildfires than ever before. Five of the 20 most destructive wildfires in the state’s history burned between October and December.

PG&E recognizes that we can’t do this alone. We need to work together with civic and community leaders, first responders, state leaders, and other energy companies on solutions and new ways of thinking to stay ahead of California’s changing climate and ensure the ongoing delivery of safe and reliable energy.


What the Community Wildfire Safety Program Means for PG&E Customers

We want to work together to share information, provide resources and help our customers and communities prepare for and stay safe during extreme weather events. We are also developing a roadmap for longer-term investments that will help improve the safety and resiliency of our state’s energy infrastructure.

The Community Wildfire Safety Program will help PG&E do even more to partner with our customers to help them prepare for wildfire season, let them know what we are doing to keep them and their families safe, and answer any questions they may have.